Warpless in 19m 02s 369ms by Kosmic - 1st place

Paving the way to 18:59

Played on Nintendo Entertainment System [USA] on

Submitted by Kosmic on

Verified by roopert83 on

Name Duration Finished at
1-1 0m 29s 694ms 0m 29s 694ms
1-2 0m 43s 009ms 1m 12s 704ms
1-3 0m 30s 024ms 1m 42s 728ms
1-4 0m 29s 325ms 2m 12s 053ms
2-1 0m 35s 783ms 2m 47s 836ms
2-2 0m 58s 363ms 3m 46s 199ms
2-3 0m 35s 646ms 4m 21s 845ms
2-4 0m 27s 582ms 4m 49s 428ms
3-1 0m 34s 916ms 5m 24s 344ms
3-2 0m 34s 351ms 5m 58s 695ms
3-3 0m 28s 257ms 6m 26s 952ms
3-4 0m 27s 646ms 6m 54s 598ms
4-1 0m 37s 404ms 7m 32s 002ms
4-2 0m 45s 141ms 8m 17s 144ms
4-3 0m 27s 590ms 8m 44s 734ms
4-4 0m 33s 240ms 9m 17s 974ms
5-1 0m 33s 182ms 9m 51s 157ms
5-2 0m 34s 966ms 10m 26s 124ms
5-3 0m 28s 356ms 10m 54s 481ms
5-4 0m 27s 587ms 11m 22s 069ms
6-1 0m 33s 844ms 11m 55s 913ms
6-2 0m 36s 774ms 12m 32s 687ms
6-3 0m 30s 042ms 13m 02s 729ms
6-4 0m 27s 629ms 13m 30s 359ms
7-1 0m 32s 872ms 14m 03s 232ms
7-2 0m 58s 439ms 15m 01s 671ms
7-3 0m 35s 646ms 15m 37s 318ms
7-4 0m 34s 279ms 16m 11s 597ms
8-1 0m 51s 086ms 17m 02s 683ms
8-2 0m 36s 685ms 17m 39s 368ms
8-3 0m 35s 298ms 18m 14s 667ms
8-4 0m 47s 823ms 19m 02s 490ms