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New does 380 matter for non fpg2a03man
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New Way to find out what Hammer bro. Patterns I'm in.TheSpenzers
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New Left+Right human versionStudentGaming
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New Are FCEUX really just bad?TheSpenzers
New After the rule change + fm2TheSpenzers
New Is anybody have a 4-2 savestateTheSpenzers
New eddiecatgaming For Mod 2018StickeredNolmy
New How do u wall jump?Hubadad
New more framerules possible to save?2a03man
New I'm a good player with a fixed mindsetLul_ecks_dee
New Xpos and fpg help plsHubadad
New smb 1 another bump methun (2)hyperkiraa96
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New Don't get ROMs from this site!iplaymario124
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New 8-4 1st room piranha plant entering thingyTheSpenzers
New 4-2 wrong WARP (another way to do fast 4-2hyperkiraa96
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New Weird Minus World Times?KingOf_JonnyBoy
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New Can A Mod Verify Their Own Run?SuperCuBros
New I need help finding a rom hackRT_1
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New noob question about subpixel tricks.2a03man
New Help!iplaymario124
New 4-1 FPG?SuperCuBros
New LayoutSuperCuBros
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New Weekly Warpless Races - Saturdays at 9PM ESTroopert83
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New Anyone up to race?SuperCuBros
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New PIGOAP flag pole glitchEndCubing
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New Rule Changes  Page: 1 2roopert83
New WR Progression OutdatedKingOf_JonnyBoy
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New syncing kosmics wr run2a03man
New FCEUX lua script for auto-splits, automatically starting timer, xpos on 4-2Hubcapp
New FPG of BBG? What should I call this?Ribb95
New 8-3 Flagpole Glitch Setup/Knowledge BaseKosmic
New Double Walljumps Show and Tell!KingOf_JonnyBoy
New Livesplit autosplitter?SuperCuBros
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New Timer offset for Llanfair?Fintendo
New Frame Entering 8-4 at 457 pace?KingOf_JonnyBoy
New SMB Level Savestates (FCEUX)SuperCuBros
New 21 frame rule?chryoyo
New Livesplit iconsSuperCuBros
New Minus world on both SMB1 and SMB1CE?SuperCuBros
New Outo reset movie?SuperCuBros
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New potential skip (probably nothing)terminator666999
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New SNES Classic EditionMisterPurplez
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New NES mini framerateLoopieXP
New Is there some way, to prevent cointosses?Xein64
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New 8-3 helpBeltazin
New Glitchless Idea (not a new category)KingOf_JonnyBoy
New 8-X ValueKingOf_JonnyBoy
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New PAL TAS on NTSC modezdoroviy_antony
New PAL WR is actually 5:10.91Lul_ecks_dee
New 4-2 wrong warp VERY FAST (PAL only)LIGHTSTARE
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New 6regory's 5:01.400eddiecatgaming
New Discord Link?KingOf_JonnyBoy
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New WR Should Be 456.529.KingOf_JonnyBoy
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New smb1 timer Can't set upReiley360
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New Livesplit Offset for WiiUVCa_xxEzraBxxx_b
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New Can someone time my new pb? it's a 4:59.youtubeman06
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New EmulatorsaJanMan
New AVS Allowed?KingOf_JonnyBoy
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New Having a run verifiedLul_ecks_dee
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New Is VirtuaNES allowed?125479
New Ultimate TAS to demonstrate the 21 frame-rule systemzdoroviy_antony
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New PAL FPGKingOf_JonnyBoy
New Is this possibly an easier way to jump over the Goombs and Koops in 1-2?Lul_ecks_dee
New AVS slow?Darpey
New Spreadsheet for Any% Derust and PracticeKingOf_JonnyBoy
New 8-4 WJ, and Pirhanna PlantKingOf_JonnyBoy
New 8-2 BBG Save StateKingOf_JonnyBoy
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New Change Suspicion.KingOf_JonnyBoy
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New Bullet Bill can push Mario completely through flagpoleILoveSMB
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New 1-1 Intro combinationsDarpey
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New Best controller for emucornycows
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New Retro8 EmulatorKingOf_JonnyBoy
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New weird jumpQanik
New 4-2 FCEUX forward jump manipulating "X"Darpey
New PlayChoice-10 speedrunOmar
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New LiveSplit plugin link no longer works.KnuxMaster368
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New Level Leaderboard???Marthur
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