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New Sticky: Warpless Tournament (January 2018)roopert83
New Sticky: Rule Changes  Page: 1 2roopert83
New 4-2 No jump 2nd BumpTecateLV
New ROM ideapellssonx
New PAL TAS on NTSC modezdoroviy_antony
New Slo Mo Guys SMB1 2500 FPSDarpey
New PAL WR is actually 5:10.91Lul_ecks_dee
New I figured out there are 4 different frames you can jump on for FPGLul_ecks_dee
New 4-2 wrong warp VERY FAST (PAL only)LIGHTSTARE
New Help Jumping for Exactly one Frame?KingOf_JonnyBoy
New Saving the 1-2 clip FR/KingOf_JonnyBoy
New Not important, top 3 image change idea.KingOf_JonnyBoy
New Maestro CC's 5:02.590KingOf_JonnyBoy
New bb glitchjakeyardvideos
New different running speed??jakeyardvideos
New DoorTK's 4:59.412eddiecatgaming
New 6regory's 5:01.400eddiecatgaming
New Discord Link?KingOf_JonnyBoy
New Bullet Bill Glitch Setupsrcd333
New SMB Practice ROM  Page: 1 2 3pellssonx
New Gif tutorial (big files)  Page: 1 2Darpey
New Just something cool in 1-2KingOf_JonnyBoy
New No records are posted on the leader boardFreddyHD
New PMniac's 5:01eddiecatgaming
New WR Should Be 456.529.KingOf_JonnyBoy
New Saturday Any% TournamentsDarpey
New 8-2 KoopaSomeBroYouDontKnow
New Switch versionPizzabroodje07
New smb1 timer Can't set upReiley360
New 8-3 pattern helpJeremyMKW
New Telling Good Judges in 8-1 by the first enemyxx_420_blazit_xx
New FPG Pole inputsKingOf_JonnyBoy
New 4-2 Easier Fast wrong warp???LIGHTSTARE
New Possibly Looking Into PAL FULL FPGKingOf_JonnyBoy
New Livesplit Offset for WiiUVCa_xxEzraBxxx_b
New Two Frame Wall Jump Setup?youtubeman06
New Can someone time my new pb? it's a 4:59.youtubeman06
New Framerules and Enemy Spawnsskyehoppers
New How to not Get Burnt OutKingOf_JonnyBoy
New Video Capture DeviceCrixus
New FCEUX Timer in attemptsCaptain_
New Glitchless Category in the original SMB1 leaderboard?  Page: 1 2NathanForté
New Level 1-1, getting 1-D, 1-F without pressing left in the undergroundLul_ecks_dee
New EmulatorsaJanMan
New AVS Allowed?KingOf_JonnyBoy
New 4-2 Wrong WarpCrixus
New New Two Frame Setup?KingOf_JonnyBoy
New Bro behavior low 5:00 to sub-5Darpey
New Mario Odyssey has surpassed us. What's next?NinjaBoyGamer
New PAL TimingsKingOf_JonnyBoy
New Having a run verifiedLul_ecks_dee
New NES Classic Frame rate?KingOf_JonnyBoy
New Making a PAL Human Theory TAS... Full FPG?KingOf_JonnyBoy
New Is VirtuaNES allowed?executable
New Ultimate TAS to demonstrate the 21 frame-rule systemzdoroviy_antony
New Running PAL and...KingOf_JonnyBoy
New PAL FPGKingOf_JonnyBoy
New Is this possibly an easier way to jump over the Goombs and Koops in 1-2?Lul_ecks_dee
New AVS slow?Darpey
New Spreadsheet for Any% Derust and PracticeKingOf_JonnyBoy
New 8-4 WJ, and Pirhanna PlantKingOf_JonnyBoy
New 8-2 BBG Save StateKingOf_JonnyBoy
New What is the fastest way to get a Fire-Flower?aJanMan
New BlindfoldedDarpey
New 8-1 FPG Setup is FoundCelebrityMartyr
New Change Suspicion.KingOf_JonnyBoy
New Super Mario All-Stars Timing MethodJumpyluff
New 8-2 first jumpGordonM27
New Timer delayKrusKader
New 8-3 Hammer BrosLuvbaseball
New what you would need to save the framerule in 8-1xx_420_blazit_xx
New Just a question I was asking myselfSimplyjustaguy
New Wall JumpKingOf_JonnyBoy
New 8-2 Beyond the Flagpole GlitchILoveSMB
New Can you save another framerule in 4-2?aJanMan
New 4-2 top wall clipxx_420_blazit_xx
New How do I reset my game back to normal with Goombas?NinjaBoyGamer
New Slow Emulator ProblemFlang_Dabbit
New 1-2 FPG SetupMarikh
New Frame Count Rom HackKingOf_JonnyBoy
New Bullet Bill can push Mario completely through flagpoleILoveSMB
New Killing a koopa from belowenejlah
New FPG CodesKingOf_JonnyBoy
New 1-1 Intro combinationsDarpey
New 380 1-1 UndergroundKingOf_JonnyBoy
New FPG Bottom?KingOf_JonnyBoy
New 8-4 Mysterious PlantKingOf_JonnyBoy
New Best controller for emucornycows
New Millisecondsbürgürländs2
New Retro8 EmulatorKingOf_JonnyBoy
New 4-2Painter
New new guy here, with an ACE ideapermajr
New Completely New to Speedrunning. Help!Flang_Dabbit
New Congratulations for Darbian!!!Javi17
New x Pos Rom hack allowed?KingOf_JonnyBoy
New A possibly easier way to do the 8-2 piranha plant jumpLul_ecks_dee
New weird jumpOuaisMaisNan
New 4-2 FCEUX forward jump manipulating "X"Darpey
New PlayChoice-10 speedrunOmar
New Really Fast and Easy 4-2 Wrong WarpStickeredNolmy
New Menu screen changing frameruleLul_ecks_dee
New World Record Tied!a_xxEzraBxxx_b
New Buzzy beetle mode category?Lugia2468
New I need easy strats.aJanMan
New LiveSplit plugin link no longer works.KnuxMaster368
New Segmented speedruns / SMBDQzdoroviy_antony
New Any good ways to practice?Lemon_
New Slowing down in 8-3Lemon_
New Left+right on bizhawkzdoroviy_antony
New Lead on a bug - spawning vine?Nitpicker_Red
New Can Someone send me the video for Rodrigo Lopes' SMB run?sullyrox
New No kill category maybe?gamebot50
New Pegasus/Dendy hardwareGustlik102
New Speedruns on a BittBoyKnuxMaster368
New Peercast Summer Tournament (2017-8-5 20:00 JST)i_o_l
New World 1 Category?rfblock
New Automatic timer is running slowbenjamin172
New Which controller on emu?Akkusativ
New Tournament?  Page: 1 2roopert83
New How to get a precise framecount of your run on console SIMPLEa_xxEzraBxxx_b
New 8-2 + 8-3eddiecatgaming
New Can anybody help me with 8-4?1-up
New SMAS version?Omar
New Level Leaderboard???Marthur
New Handheld Version of marihour.BlahDehBlah
New Need help with a run that I recordedatari2.0
New TAS ? What's that ?FlashTheorie
New Anyone want me to time a run?sullyrox
New Trying to find new ways to make flagpole glitch RTA viable.mav6771
New Please verifyOmar
New Why is there not an emulator category???Mewshmallow
New TASJeremyMKW
New TAS SMB1 SNES beat TAS SMB1 NES by 0.8 seconds!zdoroviy_antony
New Sockfolder's FPG on different emulators.zdoroviy_antony
New FCEUX lua script for auto-splits, automatically starting timer, xpos on 4-2Hubcapp
New iOS or andriod emulator runsriley524
New Best SMAS Version?lakitu64
New bbg on all stars6regory
New First BBG on 3DS!Captain_
New Retimer6regory
New New glitch?Hp64
New Hammer bro patterns6regory
New Plugin help6regory
New SMB LiveSplit Plugin help?BasicLee
New Different Koopa?6regory
New any% raceHp64
New FCEUX Lua help?BasicLee
New Just a Thought  Page: 1 2eddiecatgaming
New Any% Elimination Race 2017-4-8 (21:00 JST)i_o_l
New Glitch in 8-2newpete
New 8-2eddiecatgaming
New Help me?6regory
New I need some help with some Twitch stuffjonnyarcade
New List of human theory optimizations over the current WRhabs
New Will a corner clip at the end of 1-2 save time?ILoveSMB
New How is this Possible Floor Bricks Smashed by Bot ?haseeb_heaven
New Would this save time on 8-2?Munchlax782
New Livesplit CounterJeremyMKW
New Are flashcarts allowed?Jack879
New Inaccurate Emulatorsullyrox
New Can someone send me the live counter lua script?sullyrox
New New Bug/Glitch discovered while stomping CheepCheephaseeb_heaven
New Another glitch on FDS -16regory
New New or Old glitch?6regory
New Is this new?Omar
New race tonightRoiPhilosophe
New Recording SoftwareDANIEL_HOGG
New No Bump Method for WrongWarp of 4-2.haseeb_heaven
New Unknown Brown Object in Game ?haseeb_heaven
New First Sub 5 On NES Classicsullyrox
New Question about bullet bill glitchClassicJames
New DiscordOfficialFern
New I guess I'm a run timer now... I guess.eddiecatgaming
New WrongWarp Helper for 4-2 and 8-4 (FCEUX Lua Script)haseeb_heaven
New Grade my performanceSanjihimura
New LiveSplit plugin: FrameRuleSplitblairmadison11
New Livesplit plugin?ZippyMeister
New Glitches found in SMB1 SpeedRunhaseeb_heaven
New What's the best any% strategy?eddiecatgaming
New Frame RulesSanjihimura
New When To Start Splitsitsjustmickey
New Peercast Winter Tournament (2017-1-7 14:00 JST)i_o_l
New Yo mods! I have a dumb idea for an SMB1 meme category!eddiecatgaming
New how to add a category?Johny_Mandarino
New Time saved by TAS over RTA (Darbian WR)haseeb_heaven
New I added a frame counter to SMBt2k
New any% Question/Setup for 4-2 finishing at 255?Foulco
New -1Luvbaseball
New your opinions on leaderboard rules for SMB1 and SMB2ji_o_l
New Very easy wrong warp 4-2The_lone_pie
New Hammer Bros patterns guideJWILD
New Applications of down+righti_o_l
New 8-3 Flagpole Glitch Setup/Knowledge BaseKosmicd12
New Autosplit in PC super mario brosradeox
New Question about BBGProf_Frankly
New wrong warp helpDarQ_Massacres
New Emujin-G
New Can you use the continue cheat in runs?Cyberdemon531
New Tips for Beginners?mattheweston
New Versions?Jonas
New Splits?electriccrusher891
New How to Defeat the "Judges" in 8-1Muhahahahaz
New misc. categoriesi_o_l
New Time lost from not doing wr stratsGameGlitchGuy
New Discord?TheRomaniac
New EmulatorsJuegAriel
New cartridge minus world ending?conmangamer22
New hard Bowser patternsi_o_l
New (easier?) Bullet Bill glitch methodJWILD
New Blah, tl;dr and something capture card.DFH
New Where/when is frame rule applied?JWILD
New I thought about cleaning up the leaderboard a little bit, wanted some input.nickj109
New Full Screen MarioMarioManTAW
New Second Questthe2thomasklu8
New Individual Levels?i_o_l
New Original ROM?Alex76FR
New Locked: Roopert, isn't my new run a 5:18?youtubeman06
New Locked: ROM pleaseSimplyjustaguy
New Locked: Weegee14's 4:59.880eddiecatgaming
New Locked: (Moderators please pin this, I worked so hard) New Discord Server for Super Mario Bros.!!!NinjaBoyGamer
New Locked: Can anyone find an official clean SMB1 USA ROM?TheYellowPolarBear
New Locked: 4:56.661 probably fakeXein64
New Locked: someone did it, but it's suspicious...  Page: 1 2 3 4Bluemlittlem
New Locked: @darbian help mea_xxEzraBxxx_b
New Locked: smb1 pb \o/Lemon_
New Locked: Making speedruns popular.zdoroviy_antony
New Locked: Darbian is an AlienBluemlittlem
New Locked: sullyroxeddiecatgaming
New Locked: EddieCatGaming Does Sub4Sub?!?!? xDsullyrox
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