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i want to start speedrunning this on my ps4 but no matter what i do i cant seem to delete the save data. ive deleted the online and conosle data, reinstalled the game but my save data keeps coming back


do you have it on the vita too?


As far as I know, you have to play offline on a new account in order to run it.


I play on Xbox One so shot in the dark if it works the same, but on that system if you press B when it asks you to select a storage device it will then say, "are you sure you want to start without a selected storage device?" or like that and it will be a blank save. Then to reset a run I'll go to setting and the select a storage device and then back out of it before actually selecting the cloud and it'll be reset. Hope it works the same on PS4.

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It's different on ps4. You gotta delete your save data from system storage (keep your cloud storage data, it doesn't matter and you'll want to have a back up of your progress anyway) and then you have to turn off your network in the settings menu as well; Super meat boy uses it's own integrated cross save because of the Ps vita so all of your data automatically just redownload to your ps4 everytime you start the game no matter what, unless you play offline after you deleted it.