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Shadow why did you become a moderator and can you make me a moderator to?


I’m just making assumptions, so this could be wrong, but I think Romain stepped down as mod and got someone to fill in for him, and in this case, Shadows.


Romain has stepped down as mod before they left a post in the forum saying there done moderating that game this time they didn't i am a bit suspicious that shadows may have hacked romains account to give themselfs moderator.


Well let me clarify some things

Yeah I didn't make a forum post about leaving the moderation of this game, I'm sorry for that. I don't have more motivation to moderate this game anymore and I have other projects in mind.

I gave the super mod to Shadows because I know a little bit this user and he have a decent run on the board. Don't worry my account hasn't be hacked.

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I didn't make a forum post either to announce that mod change. I'm also sorry about that. Also I can add you Horridhenry. I'm a lot busy so I can't check the site a lot

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Thanks shadows for adding me as a moderator I use every day I'm very quick to watch all the speedruns I need to verify or reject

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I thought that was the case Romain, thanks for specifying though 🙂

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