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i was thinking that maybe we should require videos for mayhem and training mode runs or at least for runs above 15000+ meters

should we
1 - require videos for 20000+ meter mayhem/training runs
2 - require videos for 15000+ meter mayhem/training runs
3 - require videos for all mayhem/training runs
4 - or something else
tell me what you think bellow

Otterstone_GamerOtterstone_Gamer likes this. 

i think all runs should require a video
so i vote 3

@lolkalol22lolkalol22 what are you voting for?


We have 2 votes option 3
1 vote option 2
So it looks like option 3 is the winner
I will start rejecting all the mayhem/training mode runs that only have an image tomorrow
Tell me if you want me to reject all the classic/co-op mode images to bellow