How to Download smash remix on emulator


1. Get your Super Smash Bros. (USA) ROM (it has to be a .z64 file and we don't send them to you cause it's illegal) and extract it by right-clicking the SSB64 folder and click "Extract all"

2. Download Smash Remix here:
or here:

3. Once it's downloaded, extract it by right-clicking the smash remix folder and click "Extract all"

4. Drag your extracted ROM from the smash remix folder and once that's done, you want to drag it that says "windows-drag-here" from the remix folder.

5. After the patch is complete, go to "output" from the remix folder.


• If you're having a hard time finding the ROM then go to Google and paste this text here: "Super Smash Bros. (USA)* (ignore the quotations).

• After you patch it says "the rom does not match the developer's original rom" this is because you got the wrong rom or you just have a dirty rom, so re-installing it can fix the issue.

• The mod is not working for me, how do I fix it?
Please make sure your emulator is set so that the expansion pak is being used (8mb of RAM, instead of the standard 4mb), to do this, right-click smash remix>Edit game settings.

• Shields and Projectiles are not appearing correctly in my emulator or not at all
The issue is almost certainly your graphic plugin, which can be switched in the settings of your emulator. The current version of Glide64 is recommended, but if your potato PC can't handle it, then use Jabo 1.6 instead (it's not the most accurate but it can run at 60 fps)

• My audio has weird noises when I play the game, how do I fix this?
This is optional, so if you find a good plugin then that's good but you can use this plugin and it works well in most n64 games, here is the link:
Copy and paste the link as this won't work by clicking it.

• If you have any questions go to this server:
and go to #help for info about it. Enjoy!

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