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Hi I noticed All-Stars has a SMB2 category, while SMB1 and Lost Levels have SNES category in their respective games. Any particular reason why SMB3 SNES category isn't included here or in the SMB3 game? Thanks.

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Mainly because there aren't that many runs of it out there. I can't remember who it was but at least 1 person I remember ran 100% SNES. I have done runs of Any% and Warpless on SNES for some reason.

I would say the SMB2 runs need to be moved to the SMB2 page, as "SNES" categories, rather than being on the All Stars page. It's a bit of work so it just hasn't been done yet.

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Sorry for late reply. One person I can think of is Producks doing Any, Warpless and 100% on the SNES (He ran all the games). My question was if I were to submit a run in the future would the category be created here or should I ask a mod on the SMB3 page. Thanks.


You should ask a mod on the SMB3 page, but the answer would probably be no, because they don't like the SNES version.


I asked the same question on smb3 forum and got this answer by Kirua:

"The physics, glitches (except wrong warps) and almost every stage are identical. The (almost) only difference that matters for speedrunning is in loading times, so we thought it was better to keep everything in the same LB and treat it as different versions (you can filter by platform and all if you want). Like typically, you wouldn't have a LB for each language version of a game. I think smb1 and smb2 have relatively big gameplay differences in all-stars that led to the creation of a different LB."

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