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4 years ago
Alberta, Canada

I have asked Roopert about it in one of his streams but he says the other mod's opinions may differ. Would the Super Nt be considered OG hardware for the SNES category? It says on their site that there is no emulation. So it seems the SNES was reverse engineered I guess I could say.

Växjö, Sweden

First of all I am not a mod. But I do runs on a SuperNT. I dont really see how it would be considered OG-hardware. Mostly because on the default setting it runs a bit slower than OG-hardware. Can't remember exactly how big the difference is in my head, but i think it's something like 1s slower over 10 minutes. You can change the buffer settings to get it to run at OG speed. But this will either cause the game to have a screen tear once every 10 seconds or it will cause your system to have bigger input lag. Either way I think this is different enough to not be considered equal to OG-hardware (beside the point that it's not a nintendo console).

That being said, I personally don't mind the EMU-tag. It is hardware emulation after all. And I do think it's close enough to not cause any issues about legitimacy of the run itself.

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Massachusetts, USA

I think it's close enough and should be considered OG hardware. Switch is running on Canoe and is considered OG hardware.

It offers no competitive advantage - and the main plus is it's upscaling and running through HDMI. Anyone running a framemeister or the like is doing that.

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