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1. Getting Chomped: You cannot outrun the first chomp that comes down and eats the ground in front of you in 4-4. Don't try it. Here's an example:

This game is smarter than I am:

2. In 5-7 near the end where you flutter like 5 times, camera doesn't scroll. you must go up the block steps to do it.

3. 6-1, final screen at the middle ring. They changed the land form by the birds. it's hard not to get hit by them and their bombs. I'm working on a consistent setup

4. Pipe glitches do not work. 2-4 warp DOES NOT work but 5-4 DOES

5. 1-2 Dayzee skip does not work. You must do the frame perfect jump off the shy guy onto the post without losing height between them to get the extended flutter.

6. 4-3 is changed. The line of turtles are now balloons and the pink square to jump up the platform is required to progress

7. Goonie jumps don't let you jump off of them. Only the flutter. This renders a couple skips not working

Full list of SNES to GBA differences are here:

That list is the "technical" differences, however it does not cover gameplay things like screwy camera deaths and the 4-4 chomp

Will add more as I find these out.


1-2 dayzee skip does work, it's just a different setup. I've only gotten it twice but I'm labbing a way to get it consistently.