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Sorry, I would handle this in a private message if had such a feature but since it does not I'll have to do it here.

My All Levels, 1-1 IL, and 1-2 IL runs were performed using a physical cartridge of the game played on an original DS outfitted with a capture card, not an emulator. I might have accidentally specified that an emulator was used when I submitted the run, and if I did, that was my mistake.


(And also thank you for repeatedly retiming my runs. Maybe I'll get one right one day. :P)


Well, don't I look dumb?

Thanks, and sorry again.


DS still isn't available to select as a platform though. I've been playing on DS recently as well, so adding the option would be good.


If a NDS option was added, we would also need to differentiate the Gamecube GBA Player. There is also the GBI, which is a homebrewed GC Player that seems to decrease input lag, scale better, and do nothing else. It seems like some games bother to include these as options (Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland) and some don't (Metroid Zero Mission).

The only decent topic I found on the subject is here: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​knidl/​thread/​3rnvd