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my level runs have been sitting for 2 months. all the mods have been online since then and a record for this game has just been verified. i need a good reason of why my level runs have not been verified.


Hi there. I just verified my last run for this game. I will be removed from the mod team shortly. If I'm being honest with you, I never wanted ILs on this leaderboard. Scott added ILs without asking anyone. I don't think this is a good reason for not verifying the ILs, but it's all I have an I apologize. I would try to get in contact with him. I do apologize for the delay.

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gotcha, if there doesn't need to be a level leaderboard then someone needs to either remove it or verify my runs. one or the other needs to be decided. im fine with either. thank you for responding.


Oh my god...I didn't realize that I'd been off this page for so long...
Really sorry about the (long) delay. I'll verify those immediately. I also don't even remember adding ILs in the 1st place but I'm not doubting that I did, haha.
Anyways, really sorry about this and I'll try to be quicker in the future!