what you're expecting from "Category Extensions" games anyway?
These Kind of Categories are made because people just have ideas,not all categories are accepted!
don't you think that these category extensions of games will be little if there isn't anything new?


stop remembering how many notifications you have,that's annoying!


but it literally has a number on the notification icon


Why should be a "Open All Cannons" category be way worse than a "All Signs" category. I would even say that it would be a better category tho.

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Honestly,(not trying to be offensive) All Signs is a bit of stupid for a category!


I don't know why you keep feeling the need to keep inserting your opinions while not adding anything to the conversation Sanicbiscuit. Just saying something is a stupid doesn't help at all and just frustrates people. Please stop making forum posts that just say blank is stupid or something along those lines because it doesn't help anyone and it just gives people a useless ping.

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Wow,Just Wow!
You're Doing Great with Hating Me (and Prog64's Category),Nobody Hated Me Like this Before!


Why are you just posting this now?