I'm Sorry,But The Moderators Won't Probably Make These Categories A Reality on Speedrun.com!

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1. Make a list of everything you consider a glitch
2. Do a run
3. Get others to run it
4. Eventually, see if people add it once it has runs

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No,That Emoj is NOT What I Think It means! It's Just My Head That is Playing Around!


The glitches that are not allowed:
Lakitu skip, bob-omb clip, shoot to the island in the sky (BOB) capless, cannonless (WF), owless, ship clip in JRB, all forms of BLJ, pillarless, breezeless, wall clips and carpetless

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The problem with glitchless categories is for a game like this there are many different interpretations on what a glitch is. For example I don't even know what "shoot to the island in the sky (BOB) capless" means because your supposed to use the cannon anyway and not a cap. Cannonless in JRB is just a precise longjump and wall kick which isn't a glitch but rather a precise "trickjump" of sorts that saves time (same goes for owless) Everything else I can agree with however. I can see this being an interesting category but we definitely need to set some ground rules on what a "glitch" is.


@conmangamer22conmangamer22 i'm pretty sure "shoot to the island in the sky (BOB) capless" refers to either skyjump or island hop

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