Well tbh i always wanted to speedrun a category where pressing A is forbidden. So ive never had any ideas how a full run could look like since yesterday...
"Into dw 0x A presses" is something really doable in rta.
Its not the longest run but isnt too short aswell.
Timing ends on fadeout when you enter dw.
My first run was a 24:02^^ and im pretty sure my strats and prolly even my route werent optimal. (the run itself wasnt)
Imo something without pressing A missing on the boards.
Btw this isnt a category request, maybe some runner will give it a try for fun

edit: btw who came up with the 12 runner rule? Ive seen several cats without 12 runners...
some of those though will need to stay as they are great meme cats imo

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Well,It's Impressive How You CAN say that Speedrunning the game with 0 A Presses is A thing!
Homever It's Hard for Me To Think How This Could Be Possible Since BLJING is Needed to Pass the 50 star door and to skip the Endless Stairs!
And in The 70 Star Route you Normally use 18 A Presses!
Also,You Said The Fact that you Beat this Category in 24:02 but When I Open Your Channel The Link says that it doesn't Exist!
Have you Done that Speedrun Without Posting It On Internet or Did You Posted It in Another Site!
Also,About the 12 Runner rule,I Don't Really Know why 12 Runners need to do a Category Just To be Accepted,It's A Bit Strange For Me!
edit:wait,what does "dw" Mean?


i havent uploaded the run yet, i guess everyone have a rough idea how to perform the run. And the timing does not end on big star at b3, it ends when you enter bowser darkworld.
im streaming rn so you can get an idea... /K0ngtastic
ill upload once i get a decent run

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18 A presses in the 70 star route? Not sure where you're getting that number from, the ABC 70 star WR is 35 A presses by bad_boot

Partial game RTA in minimum A presses could be fun though. Maybe even something as long as "unlock upstairs" could work

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@Kongtastic Oh Ok,Sorry if I Didn't understood Quietly!
@IweSonsch If you're Confused by the "18 A presses in the 70 star route" I Mean that The A Button Challenge of This Game (Uploaded On Youtube) Has 23 A Presses Needed to Get ALL Stars and 18 Of them are Needed to beat the game!
You Can See The Playlist Here!


It Was TAS?
Oh Sorry Then,I Didn't Know that it wasn't Done In Real Time!


The videos have "This video is TAS" in the description
70 star is 1xA in TAS, or 0xA on a less regarded console
I saved one of the A presses for 120 star and 9.4 hours on another star
so yeah, quite some stuff got confused there

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run starts @ 4:14 or when youtube cut it fast it will start right away

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I think things are gonna get heated up too quick here, so here's what I think.

- We all gotta calm down, too many categories are being requested. You need a minimum of 12 people to run the category in order for it to be approved (that's what I heard).

- I personally think that if we are going to have a no a press category, then a camera showing the controller in one's hands should be shown. Having input display is fine too.

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Well I Think,You're Kind Of Right!
For the First Thought, I'm Definetely Gonna Stop Requesting Categories for Now,Mine are all Bad Honestly! (Except The Last One I Mentioned But Still!)
The Second One Is Kind Of Really Intelligent,Since Some People Could Press the A Button Even When He/She is Not Controlling Mario!
For example,While The Runner Entered a Painting He/She can't Obviously Control Mario for some seconds so He/She Could Press A 1,or multiple times until He/She needs to Press the B Button To Enter the Stage and Could Fake People that He/She Didn't Used any A Press!


Alright I got the thing with 12 runners, was just throwing the idea to gather some runner^^
@Mars02 But the 12 runners rule is new, isnt it? Since 100 unique lives got 4 runners?
I just want to understand how things working here.
About showing the inputs i would totally agree, ill have to see if I can add an input display.
Shouldnt be too hard I guess.
In this case though its pretty clear there are no A presses.

@Sanicbiscuit I got what you're saying but you really think i cannot control my hands.. so whenever i got the oppertunity to press the A button, i have to press it? 😃
Btw the run itself wouldnt be any worse for that^^ you dont take any advantage of the A button, its not that hard.
Im here for competition, not for cheating myself ;D
But as aforementioned, ill add an input display. Even though it changes nothing

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