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i tried submitting a 16 star no lblj run and it got rejected because “need vid”. i don’t understand, because first of all, i looked in the rules for the category and it didn’t mention any video requirements of sorts, and second, there are runs on the leaderboard faster than mine without any video. is there any video requirements i’m supposed to know before submitting a run? and if there is, i question why it isn’t listed in the rules for the category. i don’t want to try to get a time just for it to be rejected because i hadn’t done something i had no idea i was required to do.

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then why don't i see anything about videos in the rules now?


seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years.

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...centuries or even until you stop asking questions before reading the news in this forum of the game you care about,,,


okay, i understand it can take a while, and that i sound really annoying to you, and i already read that forum post about future rule changes before posting, but i don’t understand why it’s rejected when it follows the current rules up on the leaderboard.


Because the new rules were stated in the forum and there is nothing saying that it will come into effect at a later time, meaning it goes into effect immediately, even if the rules haven't been updated yet.

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