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what i said in fact was written to make you two look like stupid!
since instead of saying that something isn't just possible,you keep insulting the ones who said that!
And Why These people like Twitchname's Comments and Don't Even show to say their opinions?
are they too scared to even do anything better?
Come On,i Can Stand to any Insult!


Can we get a mod to lock this. I've done my best to be nice to you guys. I haven't been calling you guys names, I haven't been trying to make you 2 look stupid, I haven't done anything to make you guys look bad. All I was doing was explaining mine, and many other's point of view as to why this doesn't deserve to be a category. If someone disagrees with you trying to make them stupid especially in the way you did only makes you look stupid. No one here is making you look dumb your doing it to yourself.

If we could get a mod to lock this I think it would help everyone because this thread isn't going anywhere and these 2 are just getting heated because people have a different opinion than them. You guys need to learn to take constructive criticism and not just toss insults and try to make yourself look good and make others look stupid. All it does is make you look more stupid.

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Ok,maybe what you said WAS an Opinion but you think that What Twitchname said!
"If there is a better way why don’t you do it in your run." was his/her own Opinion?
Not being mad just saying!


Ah SM64 drama.

First things first, the difference between a 34 year old 2D game, and a 23 year old 3D game. SMB1 and SM64 are 2 COMPLETELY different games. There's no wing, invisable, or metallic cap in SMB1, and there aren't ? blocks or firebars or fire flowers in SM64. You can't dive, or long jump in SMB1. How are they the same?!

Also, the only thing that makes SMB1 and SMB2J similar is that the engine used for SMB1 was used for SMB2J. There's no poisonous mushrooms or clouds with smiley faces on them in SMB1. There's no shadows behind the top numbers and letters in SMB1. The music is really the only thing that's the same from SMB1 to SMB2J.

Plus, the 'softlock' in the video wasn't even a softlock! A softlock is when the game crashes and freezes, that's just stuck on the ceiling or whatever.

And when people get mad because others have different opinions, that's just immature and stupid.

I don't know any way to softlock in SM64, so I don't see the need to have a category for it. And clipping into the ceiling isn't a softlock, it's a glitch. You guys may be confused about that.

Also I also think it's a good idea to lock this, this is way to out of control.

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you are Right,i forgot that
and i agree with you,it's better to lock this Forum Post!
We just did something NOBODY wanted to get into and it's not anyone's fault but of the requester!
Now,How can We Lock this?


The mods have to do it. When they click on the thread, there's the word 'locked' with a box next to it, if they click on the box, it will lock the thread.

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I agree with mostly everything mars said except his definition of softlock. Softlocks and crashes are 2 different things. Crashes are when the game can't continue running and freezes up. softlocks are when the game can continue running normally, but you are in a point where you can't make progress unless you reset your game or in the cases of some games delete the save file and start over. The softlock in the video was indeed a softlock because the game was able to continue running normally however the player was in a state where he couldn't make progress.


(sorry for making another thread post btw forgot to include this in my first one) the requester isn't at fault for this at all. All he did was request a category. While I don't think anyone in particular is at fault for this getting a little out of hand you can't blame the person who started the thread because there was drama in the thread.


Like literally you can freeze the game by hitting the star block and dieing. I camt do it bcuz myy controller broke