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So you you know Footrace with Koopa the quick
so ya I have a category idea for it

-Start the Game
- go to BoB
- Defeat the Big Bomb omb and continue to get the star
- Now head back into the painting and talk to Koopa The quick
- Race him in the fastest way possible
- Timing ends once you get the star

That's it hopefully people like it

BTW if people would like to have any improvements added to here reply your edit


I don't think it would be added because it's a random idea, it's just using 2 random stars from a random level like Walk Kicks will work and Lil Baby Penguin, also because of the length.
But I'm not mod so i can't say but I'm guessing it wouldn't be added.


I think a decent Idea would be Basement% where you would run all of the stars in the basement.


True 100% aka all stars + all coins is missing imo, did one run in the past but not recorded^^


More specifically, all stars, all normally-spawned coins, all caps, all cannons, all keys, and the final Bowser


My idea just includes 120stars + all stage coins aka all coins so tbh its just a combination of both but its rly a lot of fun imo and would be the longest sm64 run currently i guess apart from stuff like 0x A... and the score at the end looks so complete 😃
But what IwerSonsch's mentioned would be more true 100% so i would call my idea differently like "full score" or 120stars + all coins or something like that

Haha btw what about all textboxes lol 😱 just kidding


how about what iwer said but + all signs OpieOP