Could we add the 1000 Coin Challenge Nathaniel Bandy and Simpleflips are doing to the leader-boards? here are the rules:

Collect 1000 Coins as fast as possible
You can't re-enter a stage after exiting or dying
No Repeat Coins
No Duplication
Starting on a file with stars is allowed.

Here is the latest run by Simpleflips.

EDIT: Just want to point out this run does technically cheat, because he re-enter RR twice and TTC once. Also, heres the link to the used ROM:

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This is added now by the way, we allow re-entering stages but not collecting the same coin twice. There's also a gameshark code for it too.


what's the gameshark code or where can i find it please? 🙂


oh, didnt expect it in the rules...looked for resources/youtubes it now, thx anyways