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It's obvious that there exist more non-LBLJ runs than LBLJ runs in 16 Star overall. If 16 Star No LBLJ were accurate, we would have to have manually added thousands of runs from the normal 16 Star leaderboard. And in its current state... well, it isn't accurate.

So I propose the following rule:

16 Star No LBLJ runs must NOT be accepted unless one of the following criteria is met:
- Runner has finished a run with LBLJ in the past. (Such a run does not have to be their PB.)
- Final time is less than 17:00.


It's just a leaderboard to more easily compare the best non-LBLJ times. I see no reason to restrict it. You'll literally just create an even less accurate leaderboard for non-LBLJ runs.

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so you guys are telling me you want to have the mods add thousands of runs instead?


just because 16 star no lblj can be submitted to the regular boards doesn't mean the mods have to move all of those runs over to these boards. It's meant for those who want to compare with other non-lblj runners and if they don't submit it then it's not going to go up. The mods don't have any responsibility do move all of them over.

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It would solve the problem of having a bunch of random runs rather than either all or a few specific ones.
I know this is a meme leaderboard, but in its current state, 16 Star No LBLJ submissions mostly consist of wasted space.


what weegee said, no theres no reason to solve a problem that isnt there lol

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its ok to have wasted space and random runs when its sm64memes, a category extensions board


The leaderboard is here to compare 16 star non LBLJ times. Anyone can submit to it who wants to. It's currently serving its exact purpose. No need to change anything.

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@ArtismScrub After looking at the first post on this thread, pretty much you're saying that people who have never speedran No LBLJ 16 Star are not allowed to speedrun that category for the rest of their lives? Well that's stupid. AND, you're also saying that only players with really low times are allowed to run that category as well?

So this is what you're saying:, Out of the 117 runs on the board, if you plan to run the category again AND have already ran the category, you MUST get in the top 36 on the boards, or else your run is disqualified EVEN if it's 100% legit. This is the worst thread I've seen yet!

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yea why does this thread even exist. i actually thought it was a joke. notice in the url its sm64 m e m e s

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