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i need help and link a gecko link also


There's no nonstop codes on VC, the nonstop codes are for a Gameshark which is for the N64.


@Mars02 Wrong! There is a non stop code for VC. I'm planing to create a Non Stop WAD File today, which will have a soft reset code and fixed hud.


Add the following code into Ocarina Code Manager and you will get a .gtc file.

030B5D54 00002400
050B7F9C 00000000
050B7F3C 00000000


but thingis i dont want it crashing so yeh


I need a US Non Stop ROM to make a WAD, there is only a JP Rom


there isn't any nonstop roms. it's regular sm64 + nonstop code and intro skip code


There is a Japanese Non Stop Rom for everdrive.


hey ProG64 i managed to get your coding to run smoothly but i wanted to ask what is the soft reset code for ur controller because its gets annoying i gotta shut off my console, go into gecko, and start my run everytime i reset