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I don't understand why my run, last place even, was rejected. The reason said I needed video for new submissions, but nowhere in the rules did it say I had to have video for it to be accepted, and over half of the leaderboard doesn't have a video. So why does my last place, awful, run need a video to be accepted?


because it's a new run. runs without video are on the leaderboard because they were accepted by the atwiki leaderboards.


When these leaderboards were first made 90% of the existing runs didn't have video since they were from old SRL races or from the atwiki leaderboards. We didn't require video initially but it caused problems like people getting "world records" without video and not being able to check whether people actually followed the rules so we started requiring video.


i`m gonna submit a non vid run its a 5:35:45 i did the run but no vid


Idiot. Or bait. Probably bait. But possibly idiot.

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@SM64Speedrunner16 Just record your runs. If you don't record them they'll be rejected. That's bottom line. If he fucks around in this thread anymore it's obvious he's trolling.


Rules are rules if you’re not gna follow you’ll get rejected. You can’t change the rules based on your standards. They are the community standards. Can someone lock this brain dead thread now.

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