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why would you even? i'd say yes, but what's the profit? are you a human tas so that you get it first try? if you mess up with 0 star you lose 3min of youre life...but in a mid-run? i'd even dont do mips clip there cause youre moving much too slow...the stardoor-opening shouldnt and doesnt kill your pb imo 🙂

but for the official rules: mods please...i just dont see the sense

EDIT: since only 70star is no major glitches...i'd say 120 90 50 45 31 30 16 1 0 do allow everything...



[ Hawaii] Hawaii, USA

26 days ago

Is it allowed to {...}


[ Vienna] Vienna, Austria

6 days ago

yeah, it is.


So this came up again because we had the idea of doing BoB late with the wingcap, and the route kind of demands SBLJ to be efficient. Since I haven't seen a mod respond to this thread while somewhere (maybe in a Discord) I heard that all CEs follow 16 star restrictions, I'm asking again:
Would SBLJ be allowed in a 45 star route that goes:
(lblj) WF->JRB->CCM->DW->(sblj) DDD->FS->WC->BoB->BBH->basement
or is SBLJ banned for the sake of reasonable runnability?