Yes I think it is easy and a bad idea lol. it’s not that hard to get out of they way of enemies in sm64 because they’re are not a lot of them. And guess what, I do have better ideas for categories, and instead of making a forum post and wasting other people’s time I went to a mod who agreed that if I got 12 runners it would be added. Currently at 4


If Mupen64 is permitted for getting to 12 runners (though not for the board itself), I might look into it if you tell me what it is


@Sanicbiscuit are you even trying anymore. We've stated our problems with the categories yet you refuse to accept them. If your only goal is to spout out random ideas that no one cares about until one of them gets accepted your wasting your time because no one here including the mods thinks your categories are good ideas. The reason 16 star cccless sucks is because you barely need to change anything. You don't use caps or cannons at all in the first place so you just have to be mindful about coins. The reason 70 star CCCless exists is because only 74 stars are humanly possible CCCless which gives you way less options and makes you go out of your way to get the more technically challenging and difficult stars that vary greatly from how you would normally do them. The reason all stars CCCless wouldn't work is because the stars that are cut out of 70 star CCCless are extremely precise and one of which being heavily luck based. Those stars can take people hours and wouldn't work in an rta setting. It's clear you have no idea what you are talking about and are just spouting out random ideas and just get upset when people call you out for it. Pacifist sucks because you would barely change anything. The only thing I could think of that you would change are the 100 coin stars where you kill enemies for coins and the few stars that involve beating a mini boss. Most stars in 70 star don't involve defeating an enemy therefore this category doesn't change much. Also you need runners for categories to get accepted. And you being the only person who does a run does NOT count. If someone says "you need people to run it" they don't mean you need to run it. They mean it needs to have enough people interested to show that their won't be an empty leaderboard with 1 or 2 runs. None of your categories generate that interest and have major flaws that you refuse to accept. Please stop posing in the forums spouting random ideas without putting any thought into it.

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@Commangamer22 If you thought that if Only I,and not anyone else did my Category and it would be accepted,I wasn't,i'm not that kinda stupid at thinking things that 8 year-olds kids may think it's true!
Also,just because some of your (and others) opinions are that it's way easier doesn't mean it isn't fun!
I think that Speedruns Categories CAN be fun if you play (or at least try) them!
Take any Easy Challenge that you might think it's stupid (i don't mean mine ones i mean ALL The Ones Accepted and Maybe Some Requested!) You'll Probably say that they suck,it's not worth it to try or do them,you'll probably keep saying it until you'll try it for yourself,you'll see that most of the easy challenges are a bit fun if you try them!
Obviously i'm not saying that this is 100% true for everyone,maybe someone would still don't like them!
@TwitchName Ok,You Said you have better ideas for categories,if that's true then Why Don't You Show it for me? i'm Waiting!


I don't need to try the categories to know why they suck. I already know the flaws. I don't need to play the categories to figure that out.As for that first sentence I honestly can't tell what your saying. Playing a category doesn't make it fun. You might try a category that's a little wierd and realize you like it but trying your categories that all have major flaws that barely need to be pointed out is a waste of time. Our opinions aren't that the categories are way easier, it's that they don't differ enough from the main categories to warrent a leaderboard. There is a huge difference. Please stop twisting our words and trying to turn our opinions into something their not because you can't refute it. On top of that you didn't really say anything that helped your case. All you said was "try it" which as I said earlier I don't need to do because I already know the big flaws in all of your suggestions. Nothing about what the actual flaws in your ideas are or the fact that you are just spewing out random ideas hoping one will stick.

tl;dr if a category has major flaws you don't need to try it to realize that it sucks. what you said our (or at-least my) opinions were wrong and you never even tried to refute anything I've actually pointed out.

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Wait,Wait,Wait A Second!
I Didn't said That any of your opinions are Wrong!
Do I Need To Look Like A Nerd to make you understand better what i'm saying? (i'm not trying to insult anyone!)
In the first Sentence,I Said that I'm not that stupid to think that if Only I do a run of my categories,Obviously they can't be accepted since we need 12 runs of 12 different runners!
It's Like Doing a Test at School!
Just Because 1 person got an A and All the other students get bad votes Like D or F doesn't mean that This Student is the best One in the Class!
I don't know if you're trying to say that my categories suck or the ones from others suck as well,also i'm not saying that ALL The Categories requested are BAD Probably mine are,probably ALL-Cannons is BAD For @TwitchNameTwitchName,don't try doing my categories if they have "Major Flaws" (as you said) and if you don't want,i meant to play the other categories,from Other People!
PLS,Stop Talking Only just about My Categories,you're making me look and feel like a Dumb Person!


Ok I’ll tell you my category. Warning it’s pretty hard for people who only do 16 star or all cannons. 100% where you max out the file by getting all stars and all coins. I went to a mod and I need 8 runners. So don’t insult me because I’m not making this up. I’m done responding to this because it’s making me lose brain cells.

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Just One More Question! (don't worry,i'll let you go after this!)
How are runners supposed to Get all coins While also getting all stars in Lethal Lava Land and Shifting Sand Land?


There you go twisting my words again. I didn't say you said my opinions are wrong I said you interpreted them wrong and twisted my words the wrong way. Secondly, your analogy doesn't make any sense, I'm not sure how you can compare me having issues with your categories to a majority of a class failing a test. Third, I am saying your categories suck and I've listed off the reasons why so I don't know why you don't understand that. I'm not sure how you meant "play the other categories, from other people" in your last forum post. Nowhere in there do you mention that I should try out other categories. fourth, can I not focus on your categories in a thread about your categories? That doesn't seem logical to me. If you make a forum thread about categories you want people are going to focus on the categories you want because that's what the thread is about. The main reason I almost never comment on other categories is because either the person requesting them adjusts the rules when other people point out flaws, or cut there losses, and you are doing neither. I'm not sure why your still so aggressive about this. I'm gonna stop responding to this as well because it's clear that you won't learn anything from any of this and are only being a waste of time. It's time for me to stop fueling the fire.


(Sorry for breaking my promise and making another post just need to point this out) What do you mean how do you get all coins and all stars in SSL and LLL? If your gonna say we're making you look stupid the first thing you could do is make sure your posts make any sense because at that point we don't need to make you look stupid. Your doing it by yourself.


I'm saying that if somebody has to do Twitchname's Category how is The Runner supposed to Get all coins in That levels and also get All 7 stars?
Since if you die in Lethal Lava Land once you are in the Volcano and you re-enter the level you'll return into the Volcano Until you get One of the Stars out of that part of the level no matter what!
The same for Shifting Sand Land when you enter the Pyramid!


accept my discord friend request and I’ll send you my run. All you do is get all the coins and then grab one of the stars lol.

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it really hurts my eyes to try to read sanicbiscuit's sentences


Are you kidding Me Dumpdome64?
That's not Something Nice to Say,That's an Insult for Me!
Imagine If You Were Me Saying that you don't know how to get All Stars While also getting all coins in Those Two Levels!
How would You Even Feel If someone would reply with "it really hurts my eyes to try to read dumpdome64's sentences"?
doesn't that hurt to you?
already that i'm trying to accept that My Categories Won't Be Runned By Anyone Other than Me (Except Pacifist Since It Makes Sense!)
Now Even The Insults!
Pls,I've Already Said that I don't to make Dramas!
Just Screw Off the Bad Categories i've requested,Just Because of Them It doesn't mean You Have to Keep Being Against AND Insulting me!

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If A Friend Would Tell It to You,Obviously It Won't Hurt You! 🙁


@TwitchName Still Waiting your Discord Friend Request,I Still Don't Have It!


You didn't ask for it though, unless it was in a dm.