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Hey,i've thinked of 2 categories for Super Mario 64 speedrunning!
what about a 3 star Category?
the rules are to do the any% route but you also have to get the 8 red coin star in each Bowser level!
if some humanly possible glitch/skip will be found to skip the first bowser level then you only have to get the 8 red coin star!
also the other one is a "Secret Castle's Stars Only!"
you have to get all the secret castle's stars and beat the game!
getting any star from a normal course is banned!
if it's impossible to get some of the secret stars like the toad ones then just skip them!


No, just no.

For '3 Stars', you said that you have to collect all bowser 8 red coin stars. Which imo opinion, is pretty cool. But this next sentence is copied straight from your first post: "if some humanly possible glitch/skip will be found to skip the first bowser level then you only have to get the 8 red coin star!" ^ That makes, NO sense. How can you get the red coin star in BitDW if you have to skip it? That literally just ruined your point.

This next one I'm just laughing at. 'Secret Castle Stars' also is a good category, and this next sentence is also copied from your post: "if it's impossible to get some of the secret stars like the toad ones then just skip them!" NOOOOOO!!! That's breaking the rules of 'Secret Castle Stars'. As you said - "you have to get all the secret castle's stars and beat the game!" < That was copied from your post as well. That defeats the purpose of the category. How come you have to collect ALL the castle's secret stars, but (like you said later in your post) can skip some if you can't get them? I think you need to double check your rules again becuase very little of the information you typed up makes sense to me.

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lol kids making easy categories bc they can’t even do 16 star yikes.

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you know what?
i don't think you understood (or maybe yes) but i meant that if 1 key is humanly possible then you could beat Bowser's second level then enter dire dire docks,exiting it and then enter the first level by only getting the 8 red coin star!
there is a chance that maybe someday in a few,or hundred years maybe something major would be found to beat the game in 1 key playing in real time!
you know like when in 2011 a tas video of Weirwindle showed a way to save time in 4-2 for the wrong warp and back then the youtuber said it wasn't doable since it needed to use both left AND right!
in 2016 andrewg1990 found a possible way to do that without pressing LEFT AND RIGHT!
the second maybe is stupid but the first!
just why?
only because i've said that maybe a trick will be discovered someday and maybe not anytime soon without tas and cheats or rom hacks doesn't mean because of that the first isn't fair!
i've just said that a trick could be found even if it might be impossible now but i haven't said that it's possible or needed right now!
also thanks for calling me a kid TwitchName,that is kind of respectful!


Getting the 8 red coin star then, dying? Because if you get the key in BitDW that's 2 keys right there, not 1 key. And you're seriously thinking that it will take a couple centuries to beat the game with 1 key legitimately? WutFace

And the SMB1 4-2 WW has NOTHING to do with SM64 1 key. And how in the world did we get from '3 Stars' and 'All Castle Secret Stars' to 1 key?

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dude 1key is impossible


my gosh what is wrong with you Mars02?
do you even know that "maybe" doesn't even mean that i'm 100% sure something would be found to beat the game with 1 single key?
probably is impossible!
but i'm not saying 1 key is possible!
and if i was a kid then i would have said "if you want to beat the game with 1 key just blj to the slope near the cannon,enter the vanish cap level,blj to a platform and do the moat skip,the rest is the same!"
did i said that?
that is only possible while doing a tas!
why instead of saying that 3 stars category isn't fair you can just do the normal any% route as now without that rule that i shouldn't even write?


as far as 3 stars go, 1 key is impossible so making rules for it is pointless considering how far we are from doing it in real time. Also making someone go back after getting key 2 just to get the 8 reds in key one is kinda ridiculous. Better just to ban key 1 skip if it were to ever become viable. Also in terms of "All castle stars only". Why does it have to be only castle stars? That doesn't make sense. Categories like all red coin stars let you get other stars too because you need them in order to get to the rest of the red coin stars. You can't just do the castle stars and just skip whatever you can't get because that completely ruins the point of the category. If it's not all castle stars than what's the point?

Also there isn't anything wrong with Mars02. Someone questioning your ideas and pointing out the flaws is completely fine and shouldn't require you to get upset in your response.


so wait,you're saying that getting the first star of dire dire docks is required for getting the 8 red coins in "all red coin stars"?
i don't know why people are doing that,i think it's faster to do what they do in the 120 stars speedrun just getting the 8 red coins star without the Bowser's ship one!
or maybe it's because once they do a sblj to skip the 30 star door they can't go back anymore?
also getting the key from the second Bowser level and then get 8 red coins in the first Bowser level isn't ridiculous in my opinion!
it may save time in a tas of the category,i'm not sure but maybe it might be better!
let's just ignore the second category i've requested and let's move on!


I'm not just talking about the dire dire docks sub star. If you would watch a run you would know what I'm talking about. People grab other stars so they can do mips clip. SBLJ would make the category too grindy and unfun to run so no one does it.

As far as going back for the reds goes, what's the point of going back to the first level just to get the reds if you don't get the key? There isn't any point in creating rules for a category extension with the focus on what would be faster for tas anyway. I'd be perfectly fine with the category had moat skip just not been brought up. If it's done RTA or if someone is interested in making a tas of the category but making a rule for it is unnecessary since no one can and will do it RTA. As far as your second category have you finally understood why we thought it was stupid to skip stars when your supposed to grab all of them? Is that why you want us to just forget about it? You could just agree and let people get other stars it's not that big of a deal.

If you going to come up with category ideas please come up with a reasonable rule set that doesn't take things like only tas viable strats that have no feasible way of being performed rta into your rule set. It only confuses people. Please also come up with a rule set that would actually fulfill the requirements set by the name. You can't have something like 'all castle stars' unless you get all the castle stars. Category extensions are supposed to be fun categories to give a break from the normal stuff on the leaderboards. Making unnecessary requirements only makes the category less interesting and fun.

I don't hate your category ideas, I think they could work kinda well as categories but please adjust your rules. (and also the moderators probably won't add your categories unless you do a run and people show interest)


probably that second category for me isn't a good idea anymore because technically to get the second and third toad star "40" stars are needed so maybe it's better to forget it or maybe if someone likes to do it then we could add it!
i just need to route it yet since i've actually practice it in Odyssey 64!
yea i'm sorry!