How does this category work? Do stars collected without wearing a power cap simply not count, or is doing so banned, and if so how do you get to a power cap without any stars? There's only one run of this category and it has no video, so is there a route for it? I'm very interested in running this and CCCless but with the rules written as they are currently I can't fathom how it's actually done.


We've been doing weekly meme category races and those two categories are coming up soon. You should join the sm64 discord if you haven't already. If I recall correctly, collecting stars without a cap active is banned in 50 cap stars, so you HAVE to LBLJ and go to vanish and/or metal cap first. With CCCless you have to collect stars with no cannons, caps or coins, but I don't remember which all stars are possible. I'll make a pastebin with this info eventually.

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Oh of course! So you do DW no reds and go to basement immediately. Thanks! Also for CCCless I remember 72 or 73 being RTA viable.