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Is somebody familiar with "Go home and die" in Legend of Zelda: OoT? it kinda give me this idea, "Die as Metal Mario%"
The run will be like this:

-Start the game
-Unlock metal cap (or just wear it)
-Make Mario die while wearing the cap (time ends on fadeout)
-Make Mario die and collect the cap after the death animation already started is banned

Heres a Pannenkoek2012 video wich explains how can you die with the cap on, but in resume

-Get fall damage
-Burn with low health and collect the cap before the death animation starts

what yall think? could be a good Meme category?

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Do a run of it and see, it's honestly the only way to tell.

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I'd run it. LBLJ can make it much faster, but I still think it's a cool category.
Edit: Did a run and got an 11:17, didn't record though. Pretty fun!


I did a few runs myself with LBLJ and got a 6:12. A lot of sloppy movement and mistakes. I can see a sub 5 if done really well.

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You can improve this by doing 2 things.
don't get the bowser in the dark world star.
Die in the place you get the cap by wallkicking then ground pounding when your in the air
with better movement and these two things you can definitely get sub 5

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@Emjx64 where is there space to do a triple jump wall kick in the Metal Cap stage? He also gets the BitDw star so he can go in WF.


you can die in the metal cap stage btw there are 2 walls to take damage from


If you this do this you don't need that star and you can die in the metal cap stage


Yep just found this out too LuL just got a 4:50 with trash movement at the end


I did a few attempts and got a 5:18 with the worst ending possible.


Sub 4:30 is easy with an good start and ok ending