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Since 50 star is intended to be somewhat of a legacy any% category, in keeping with the chronological order that glitches were found in this game, we are going to ban LBLJ and remove all runs that do or were known to do LBLJ (if there is no video anymore), sorry to those affected.

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Wens banning LBLJ in the best meme category 31 star


What about 16? When people first started 16 star LBLJ didn't exist


uh... you realize 16 star lblj exists right? It's the first thing you see when going to the leaderboards

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LBLJ was discovered while 16 star was the current any% route, so it doesn't break the chronology of sequence breaking. Even if it did, I'd say it's a different case from what I'm talking about here. Most importantly, no lblj 16 is already tracked, it's literally on these leaderboards. As for 31 star, 31 with LBLJ is how the japanese leaderboards did it long before this category extensions page was a thing (see:, so we kept the rules consistent with how they did it. 50 star was never really speedran until recently (last two years), the idea behind it was specifically to make a "legacy" any% speedrun. Even when LBLJ was allowed on these leaderboards almost no one did 50 star LBLJ runs, so it seemed to make the most sense to ban it.

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