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Why don't we use the v1.4 for all runs? Why we need to use older versions? Some of these (like 1.0) are hard to find and very buggy

I think we need separate categories for v1.4

Also i found v1.0 for Win,Mac and Linux
Linux: https:/​/​mega.​nz/​#!o5l0WIrB!yF3WXYL50oJsrJi7GDMrVSwFbRwRW9rSBAp804YqQnc
Mac: https:/​/​mega.​nz/​#!AhMmVCBB!PNOx3nCi-y6HhCtWcPbOPyo2FfMEqsozi6PWwTKEI84
Windows: https:/​/​mega.​nz/​#!oo0UyL5R!9NuwykJdQVeKSX-F7KIWCT4gEde0zMzTfwAgQvqhhzY


The other versions shouldn't be hard to find, because they are all in the Resources section.
The reason why older versions are used for older categories is because the star placements vary between versions, as do physics and some of the important mechanics (such as level entry).

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