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So I started speedrunning this game and I want to ask if there's an obligation to run with an specific language or not.

I made a 80 star run in Spanish in 3 hours. It's ok or should I be using english from now on?

In case that the language is a free-choice, there's a language faster than the others?

  [user deleted]

this will be need to be fully tested for comparisons i could be wrong but i need full confirmation

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It does not matter which language you run on. As far as timesave goes, the language you use doesn’t matter much, but I believe Japanese has the least amount of text boxes in 80 star. If you are looking to save time outside of gameplay, WiiUVC saves about 2min over any type of DS (estimate not final)

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Ok, thanks; I'll continue running in Spanish. I'm gona buy the WiiUVC version soon so I'll try it also and see how it goes.

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japanese is a little bit faster then english

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