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I still don't understand why 149 star exists. It was created when the star removed was an RNG wall; but since then a trick was found to greatly reduce the RNG. This said, the category isn't justified. The 150 star time beats the 149 star time by over an hour. 149 star is pointless and should be removed -- the only reason it exists is the excuse of "it's in miscellaneous " and to "preserve the runs". It looks poor on the community to have a category that adds nothing of substance to the game and community.


First off, why does it matter to you in the slightest?

Secondly, like 90% of people that actually run/know the game want it there.

Thirdly, it doesn't "greatly reduce" the RNG. People have gone on for an hour without getting it. Sure you only need 1 rabbit instead of 8. But it also takes like 5x-10x as long per rabbit check (you have to go so much further + you are only checking 1 rabbit at a time instead of 3). Basically, the average time for the rabbits star is only marginally better, just the results are a lot more spread out (similar mean, higher standard deviation).

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A lot of people who run this game aren't fond of the White Rabbit star in any capacity. To do the fastest 150 star run, you need the U.S. version 1.0 to execute the glitch that skips every other rabbit. Otherwise it's an RNG grind to get 8 rabbits (even though Korean might be the best possible version in that instance). So why not have a run that doesn't do it in the miscellaneous section?
I'm in the minority of people and I actually like 150 star. Every other star is really fun to do, so why not have this for people who run on VC and/or don't want to deal with the white rabbits?

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I do not own the US version, will it not work on PAL?


As Fox said, it's U 1.0 only. It doesn't even work on J 1.0 despite that coming out less than 2 weeks later I think... I wouldn't worry about it though.


It's part of the game, and I think it's arbitrary as speedrunners to nitpick what parts of games we like and don't like and just remove them. It feels lazy. I understand the attraction of it, but it should be kept as a practice or race category rather than a competitive category (3:42 labeled as "WR" is an absolute joke).


Not doing parts of full completion in a certain category is completely normal even if arbitrary, for example 79 and 96 shines in SMS. And like SMS, there is a more prestigious category that does get those omitted shines/star. Beat BitDW and Beat BitFS are "race categories" too and they are listed in the Misc. section. It's not like there is a massive problem with categories being added left and right anyway as there are more main categories than misc.
The point about a 3:42 WR is interesting: allowing anyone to submit a run of 150 to the 149 category might make sense as you are getting everything required by the category and then extra, meaning the WR would currently be the same as the 150 WR. Don't know how others feel about that though... on the fence myself.

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Completely agree. Fox can send in the 2:49:49 if wanted.

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@Jumpyluff Kappa

But on a serious note, everyone is entitled to their own opinion about it. But giving the majority of the community a leaderboard to use if they want it vs removing it because it upsets a few people who are purist about what should be a category... not really a hard choice (not saying there's anything wrong with having that opinion, just its not fair or reasonable to remove it just because of that).

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I understand the difference between 79 and 96 vs 120, but I don't see the difference between 149 and 150. It is literally one collectible away from being the same category. I don't think it's a fair comparison, and I can't think of any other category in any other game that does this. Can we pick our next least favorite star and run 148 star?

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