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Hi, I know I'm not a Runner and this idea is not mine, but I just wanted to share it, and maybe, I could have a Speedrun category of her, this idea came from Nathaniel Bandy, there is a video that he talks about, and I I wanted to know and approve this idea, I'll leave Lin k of Videeo to get a sense of what I'm talking about (if you want me to take it off, no problem)

Video Link= (by
Nathaniel Bandy)


Skipping mario entirely (as done in this video) is not humanly possible. Using mario to open doors and doing the rest of the game with other characters is, but either way this is more of a challenge run than a real speedrun category.
There is a discord server dedicated to discussing challenge runs like this one:
This server hosts discussion about some challenges similar to this one like the Wario Only No Caps challenge (WONC) or BCCless (blockless, coinless, and cannonless)
For challenge run ideas, the general response you'll get from people is if you want anyone else to try it/take it seriously, you should at least do the run yourself first.

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Ok, thanks for the Help, 🙂

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