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I saw Liam and Cheese getting a sub 1 37. Is it possible to get a sub 1 36? Thank you


Firstly, Liam, Cheese, and Marlene got sub 1:38. Secondly, a 1:36 would require a run that no human has pulled off before, like a low 1:02 upstairs time or even a high 1:01, followed by an insane upstairs RTA.

Here is the link to the 120 Star Community Segmented Run. In other words, the best times humans could theoretically achieve if they were to play every star with absolute TAS-like perfection for an hour and a half:

Hope this answers your question

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Essentially, theoretically? Yes, Actually? No(as it is right now)

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Liam's sum of best now is 1:35:02, better than that community segmented run. Which means community segmented best time should be a 1:34 now, and also I remember watching a "human TAS" of all the best single stars combined (not just best segments) and it was a 1:33, which should be the theoretical best possible human time right now.


single stars get 100c by themselves without attempting to collect another star

genuinely curious on the castle movement for this "1:33" as well

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a good chunk of the old human theory tas can be seen in this video, unfortunately it seems like the original has been deleted
(also today's exactly the 5th anniversary of this video, them coincidences zamn!!)

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