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Heyo, new runner here. I have realized that my game (ROM) runs slower than every other runner that I have seen run the game. After seeing the SM64 logo appear at roughly 1.33 seconds, my first textbox for the game appears at roughly 58s when everyone else I have seen gets their textbox at roughly 55s and I'm not sure why. I have used both Mupen and PJ64 with 2 different ROMs and still have gotten the same result. Maybe this is a common issue that I don't have the knowledge of. For the record, I have changed the ROM settings to have Counter Factor to 1 and Memory size to 8mb. I don't recall changing any other settings. Anyone know of this issue?


i play on a mac so this has never happend to me


Is the ROM you are using NTSC? If it's PAL, it runs significantly slower.


exactly at 5/6 speed of ntsc


The US version's intro is a few seconds slower than on the JP version, that's probably why, since 3 seconds seems too low to be a PAL issue

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