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This game seems like a great speed game and one of my childhood favorites, so i would love to speedrun this game. Although, i know very little about speed strats and glitches in SM64, so what would be a good category to start with? one thats not too long, and doesnt use too many difficult tricks. I was thinking maybe 16 Star, but i have no idea. Responses would be appreciated, Thanks


You should start with 70 star because it doesn't have much complicated glitches to learn. I haveen't done a run myself yet but one day I would learn 70 star.

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Tbh if you like to get used too the game i started with 16 star, vieuw basic starss too get the movement down, only thing you need too learn is BLJ. it needs some practise (like every other trick in this game) but nice way too get started

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If you can do BLJ, 16 star.
I can't, so I started with 70.
Some people could argue 70 is better anyway.

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Whats BLJ? im guessing its the glitch that allows you to skip certain areas especially the never ending staircase


BLJ is a trick that needs sonme practise but pretty easy when you get it down, but if you really want too do 70 star go for it!


You should start off with 70 star. I learned the strats for 16 to start but 70 is much more preferable since it is the no major glitches version of any%


I would say 16. It's what I started with, and it allows you to get some easy stars along with tougher ones. If you're not good at BLJ's, though, start with 70.


70 is pretty easy to learn. 120 is more to learn and in 16 you can lose a good run to ¤¤¤ also for every category is a guide. it´s up to you what you want to learn.


70 is probably the best since a good time in 16 is heavily reliant on good bljs at the end of the run and sometimes you can get stuck on bljs for minutes(No matter how much time you spend on them you will lose runs to them a lot). BLJs is such a sketchy and inconsistent trick. 70 is the best category to learn and almost as good as 120 when it comes to improvement


Thanks for all the responses guys, im looking into 70 star routes. maybe ill try to learn BLJ and learn 16 but idk yet.