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this is more of a meme category I came up with that could go in category extensions I call it concussion percent you collect 8 stars as fast as you can to unlock bowser than you beat bowser ten times throwing him into 10 bombs which is why I call it concussion percent the only rule for this run would be no lblj since it would make this run more repetitive than it already is

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idk why get to 1st bowser and then randomly 10 times but anyways
probably go to category extensions for that purpossement

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wierd. might be a bit fun though.

when/if the category is made, let me know. I might run it.


Apian if you're only saying you'd run it if it was on the LBs, its not that good a category...

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I know. that's why I said that. as a joke. that being said though, I can't possibly imagine why it would be allowed tbh. no offence to OP.