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By one input for one input, I don't mean how many possibilities for inputs are being represented by one button. I mean how many inputs are being executed with one button press. If that is one input (e.g. 100,0 on the joystick), and some inputs just can't be executed anymore, then that's currently allowed because it is one input being caused by one input.

Even if you went in the opposite direction and remapped both the L and the A button to cause an A press, each of those buttons would still cause 1 A press, meaning it's still 1 input for 1 input and that remapping would not be a macro. If we allow a2d with the result of two possible ways to input forward on the joystick, a second A button would be a natural thing to allow as well. If you don't want that, probably restrict the a2d remapping in a significant way, e.g. like @minikoriminikori suggested