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I have tried a little experiment for a youtube video. I asked myself if it's possible that a fake speedrun got verified. I spliced a 16 Star Speedrun, got a 17:32 I know it's not a world class run. But i think this is good enough for this experiment.

Here ist the run: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​sm64/​run/​yl0qgo2y

Alternative Link:

Here some weird Parts:

7:39 - I have 32 Coins but after i entered the Pipe i have 15 Coins. Magic.

11:46 - after Mario enters the door you can hear the splice. At 15:20 too.

There are some more splices but ther not so obvious. For these you need to analyse the Audio spektrogramm to find it out.

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@afnannen136afnannen136 I was inspired by this video:

I would see if this is today possible too.

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I don’t blame the mods for not watching every second of a ~200th place 16 star run. Tons of runs are submitted daily, especially for SM64.

I’m sure if you sloppily spliced together a top ~25 score it wouldn’t have been verified so easily.

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It's an interesting experiment, but the queue is a busy one and it's assumed you're just having fun (as you should be) when you submit a relatively unimpressive first PB. If moderators watched every second of everyone's first run, we could not manage the queue, but we do a pretty good job all things considered. Thanks for showing the run and sharing your experiment.

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Funnily enough, gothic was suspicious of your run. I probably wouldn't have thought twice about it

There's not enough time in the day or anyone's lives to watch every mediocre run that gets submitted, it's more about verifiability (being able to verify the run if need be) than actually verifying the run at the time of submission.

Try to post a fake 15 next time, if you wanna expose us.

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you're right the moderators cannot watching every second of a run.
especially for a 204th run.



Oh okay. I don't know that he find the run suspicious. Thank you for the Information. 🙂


I Was Just Opening this site,and here i found a "cheater" (lol).

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Look I get trying an experiment for fun and all but I don’t really understand the aim here. It’s clear to everybody that’s the mods can’t watch all the thousands of minutes of runs and they do a very good job of moderating such a popular game. But it just seems like saying this will only cause the mods to feel bad and morning actually get anything done. Correct me if I’m wrong of course but that’s how I see it

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No it's not to make mods feel bad. I know that it is not possible to watch all thousand of runs.

I have make this for a Youtube Video.

I tried the same thing with another game called Honshogi: Naitou Kudan Shogi Hiden a very unknown game.
I tried to fake a WR. But the run was rejected.

My Conclusion is that it is not possible today to verify a World Class Run like a 15 or 16 in Sm64 16 Star.

And look at Gothic Logic's post he said: " You sure showed me bud well done"
I think he does not feel bad or something. Something can happen because the queue is a busy one.


I Hope These two runs were the only ones that are fake and you're not trying to actually cheat a lot of your "future runs" (If You'll ever speedrun more games/categories).

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These 2 Fake Runs are only for the Experiment.



I do speedrun.
But this is a 2nd Account because the Runner Loan Shark Joe Who made this Video

Was banned from

This is why I made a 2nd Account.


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@Akaya64Akaya64 wait,that's supposed to be a second account based of loan shark joe's one?


@chooch23chooch23 let's not start to insult this guy,just because he did ONE Single Fake Speedrun And Admitted to it.