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So a few days ago I was at a retail store and it had an n64 usb controller, not the original corb, and I'm wondering how I can use it in project 64?

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n64 usb controllers are bad. their stick is very bad so by a good controller and a usb adapter so you can play with a n64 controller on a pc

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well, first off, USB controllers are known to have MANY issues. the joystick will often be uncalibrated with no easy way to recalibrate it without taking it apart, the USB is finicky and known to one day, work fine. the next, give a constant "the last USB device was not recognized" in windows, and just straight up won't even connect in Linux or macOS, the L and R buttons fail, the Z button sometimes will just randomly reverse the way it sits, and there is seemingly no way to hook it back on, things like that.

because of the reasons listed above, they are generally frowned upon. but if you want to take the risk, then just map it like any normal controller in pj64, or if you're on Linux or macOS, just find the keycodes, and put them into the script.

now, what would I suggest? get a refurbished OG n64 controller or a brawler64 and something like the Hyperkin adapter. that will run you 40$ for all of that. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT GET THE KNOCKOFFS.

They may seem cheep-cheep from the start, but use them for a couple of days, and they start to have similar problems listed above. Especially with Hyperkin stuff. those are made real cheap, and that's the brand (every n64 controller that they have including their USB ones) that had the Z button problem. so beware.

if you have any more questions, let me know 🙂

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