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I personally think we should make 31 and 50 star official categories instead of them being category extensions. Reason why is cause they're not different at all from the other 5 main categories. They're pretty much the same thing but instead you can't skip a certain door. Who agrees with me and do you think the mods should make this change?

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I'm not completely against this idea, but at the same time it seems unnecessary.

31 Star is a CE because 16 star replaced it as the new any% when MIPS clip was discovered. It's also not very popular (although I love this category) which is even less of a reason to make it a main category.

50 star is a CE probably because it seems silly to not BLJ through the 50 star door, but then BLJ through the 70 star requirement on the infinite stairs, when you could either BLJ through both (16 star) or not BLJ at all (70 star). Also, it's not very popular.

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They we're both the any% for a while before mips clip and s and lblj we're discovered. I feel like at least 31 should be an official. Also with that arguement against 50 star you can also say that doing 1 star is sily cause why not just do ddd skip instead of doing the 1 slow star in ddd.

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idk 31 stars how would it be, taking it basicaly doesnt do mips skip
but 50 stars looks not for main leaderboard, you restrict an BLJ to allow another one lol, doesnt seem to have been that much of the any% standart some time in the past; the wall to break in 50 stars in betwen 70 and 31 stars category is just another BLJ (when BLJ was not a thing the category would just be 70 stars lol); from 31 to 16 at least there is another new trick
1 star and 0 stars is a bit diferent because in the same trick 0 stars requires a lot more of speed and stuff to go throught the portal (tho they actualy look quite like almost the same)