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30 star - collect 30 stars
31 star - no 30 star door skip
45 star - 3 stars per course
All Coins - all coins
If you think about it, 31 makes more sense than 16 star. 31 star bans skipping the 30 star door entirely, whereas 16 star says you have to skip it in a specific way. If it weren't for the fact that 16 star used to be any% a long time ago, I doubt it'd even be a real category. (Not saying I think 16 star should be moved to misc. It should stay where it is)
If 31 was there all this time and not 16, all the people who are running 16 right now? They'd be on 31.
45 star does seem more arbitrary, but it is run by many people, maybe more than 31. Even Cheese05, Puncay and Xiah have PBs in it (yes, Cheese05 has done 45)
30 star is... well, I don't see why we need that tbh. It turns 31 star into a "2 runs in 1" deal, and I think it'd be more convenient if we didn't have it. But if we do have it, I won't object.
All Coins is probably the memiest one yet, I don't think many people do that and tbh i was really surprised to see it on there.

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31 was the fastest way to beat the game and 16 isn't in the same situation as 31 right now because a lot of people actually run 16. If 16 had like 5 runners like 31 then it would have been removed too.


If 31 was the one on the leaderboard then 16 would be the one with like 5 runners. If it's on the leaderboard more people will run it.


Why not? There are 1000+ people here. How would not one person bother to say "hey, I've never seen this here before, why don't I give it a shot"? All categories matter, and trying to prevent people from running it like that just because it doesn't make sense is just sour and cold. Now that the two of us have become a meme in the community, I want to have respect for you, but the shit you're saying now makes me just want to fucking stab someone to death. Preferably you. (NOT A THREAT, JUST SAYING IT MAKES ME WANT TO) I feel like you're not even putting effort into this argument. I'm putting in the time to type whole paragraphs and getting ignored and meanwhile you can get away with a simple "Na". I'm sick of this bias. I just want people to take my ideas into consideration. I'm not even asking for them to be added, just for you to make sense and not throw away my ideas blindly. Opinions shouldn't logically be able to beat facts, and yet I'm posting the facts and you're winning with your opinions. Whether or not I run the game does not mean dick regarding the validity of what I say. Just consider that once. just once. For once I want to see a decent response of respectable length with some actual thought and for fuck's sake, some facts added to it. No top player bias, just assume all of us as equals. If you can have ONE convincing reason why 30/31/45 star is not worth adding to the leaderboard THAT HAS TO DO WITH THE CATEGORY ITSELF, NOT THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE RUNNING IT, I will stop. (it doesn't just have to be gofic, if anyone else wants to say something go ahead) But currently all you have been doing is throwing shit at my ideas as I wait for you to live up to your name (gothic LOGIC).

You didn't even read all of this, did you? I didn't think so you narcissistic cock

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ro deg.

You didn't even put this into google translate, did you? I didn't think so.

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refreshing to see an argument about sm64 where gothic is the least triggered of the two participants


Yeah jesus christ imagine writing a full paragraph amidst a hissy fit trying to defend categories that are completely useless

If you wanna run meme categories go run 16 or 0/1 ya fucking baby

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@ohaithereman -
well it's still better than "Do you even run this game"

@GothicLogic -
still waiting for you to put some effort into your posts. i'll stop once you do, just please try to say something that makes sense. Unless you're trying to keep me occupied? Because I think the other guys here don't like that

@Alaris_Villain -
If it's about the all caps, i use them to provide emphasis on things that need it. otherwise you're the only one here who has a point

@HeroicHero702 -
A meme category is not defined by the amount of people who run it. 31 has a valid, logical set of objectives and restrictions.

@Paracusia -
Really? Just really? Saying anything under 70 star is a meme category? I knew this was a slippery slope. Eventually we're going to pull a fucking Cave Story and 120/70 will be the only ones left, VC/EMU will be banned, etc. Wow.