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I would just like to point out that this was one simple idea that i had, and it has lead to all of these comments and even 31 star and 45 star being added to the leaderboards, like what the heck!


I'm not quite sure why you think dumb meme categories are going to be added to the leaderboard?


because i dont hate misc categories and 31 star is a good jump from 16 to 70
i can see why 45, 50, and especially 105 could be rejected
but 31 star could actually be decent
if it were ever actually on the leaderboard it wouldnt be called a meme


Or, you know, if Super Mario World Memes has its own leaderboard, I don't see why there can't be a separate Super Mario 64 Memes leaderboard.
31 star doesn't seem like a meme tbh, but if everyone calls it a meme, I guess it is


Hell, I don't see a reason why any category should be rejected/removed from the leaderboard. If it's on there, more people will start to run it because it is. (unless it's the most dumbshit idea, like 88 stars or some other totally arbitrary number)
Unless you hate a category so badly that you actually want to prevent people running it. (which may be the case with many people from the encounter I had today in Deza's chat)

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That sounds about right Artism yes more people will do something the longer it's on there, but there are certain things that still need to be put on leader board anyway (30/31 Star) and other misilanious things like that which other runners do. Bottom line random section would be nice to have

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Personally, I wouldn't mind a misc categories section with 30/31/45, but I can see why other mods don't want them. Besides maybe 45 star, no one seriously runs these misc categories so it's hard to draw a line on where to stop adding them. Add your times to if you want to compare with others.


It's not because people are playing it. It's so more people will play it. All categories should be on a leaderboard, whether people give a shit about it or not. If it is on the leaderboard, chances are people will give more shits about it then than before.


If you want to do 31 star so badly then do a run nobody is stopping you but it's not going to be put on the leaderboard because a couple of people want it there. If you want to see 31 star on a leaderboard THAT bad, visit


oh my fucking god
you just deleted the categories to spite me didn't you

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no but i'm learning
i'm still trying to get good at blj
what kind of beef does this community have against misc categories anyway? why is this community so resistant to accept change?

  [user deleted]

They're not resistant to accept change, they're resistant to accept orders from someone who is in no way affiliated with them or the game, and who does not have enough basic empathy to understand good reasoning.


Implying anyone else here has empathy? They're harassing me for having not done a run and because I don't hate miscellaneous categories. Good reasoning would be the ability to consider all ideas given by all people, and to give ideas at least some thought before giving the suggesters hatred. It won't hurt the community to add the categories, especially because people run them.


Was genuinely happy to see 31/45star back for a day but I'm confused as to why they were removed again? I think they are interesting catagories and kinda sad to see them removed again.

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Then again not many people saw it so there was really only 1 person per category (the WR holders)
Also there was All Coins, i didn't even think of that one


well if they have categories that we don't then why are we even here
there's no logical reason to ever reject any category, unless it literally makes zero sense whatsoever

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30/31/45 star make zero sense whatsoever