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You should add misc. categories, kind of like sms does. Categories like 30 Star, 45 Star, 1 Star Each World, 5 Reds 4 Slides, etc.. You should also add IL leaderboards


I agree with this. People who (for some reason) run these categories can't submit their times because there isn't a lb for them. Categories for misc.: 30 Star, 31 Star, 45 Star, 50 Star. Done.

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But we want the Single Star runs categorys in SM64 on 🙁


Why exactly? Isn't the site that Washey linked enough?

Forgive me if you perceive that incorrectly, I am genuinely curious.


i would single Star runs too. :3 And on are the most speedrunners. OpieOP /


Granted there are more runners using , if we were to add single stars to it would cause our workload to double. It has already increased by 1.5x due to the regular leaderboards, but I believe you'd agree that it would be pretty unfair to put more workload on top of us due to moderation, and I know most people wouldn't like that too.


I understand single star runs not being on here, but 31 Star and 45 Star should definitely be. If it's really the workload, there are other people very familiar with the site that are fully willing to help out (ie. me).

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along with 50 star i think there should be a new catigory called 8 or 9 star where you get 8 stars to unlock the bowser one door then do the SBLJ to get past the 30 star door and into DDD or directly into BITFS and then do the BLJ to the final bowser. Anyone agree?


can someone tell me why dont exist 50 stars categorie ? i mean , sound logic right? , 0/1/16/30/31/45/?/70/120 , emm i dont get it 😕


i have never heard of anyone running 50 star before

but 45 would be cool, cause right now all i have to use as a comparison for my runs is some japanese leaderboard site i can barely navigate


I know that 45 stars is appropriate for a speedrun by the glitch of the stairs, but it seems unfair that the 70 stars avoid using this glitch.

I have another question, if my run, the emulator stop the sound, that would affect the run?

sometimes the sound stops without reason, it may be the version I use: Project64 1.6

Anyway, add the category of 50 stars would attract many players starting in the speedrun


0 Star (no restrictions)
1 Star (no DDD skip)
16 Star (no BLJ through 30 star door)
31 Star (no skipping 30 star door, BLJ or not)
45 Star (3 stars per normal course)
50 Star (no 50 star door skip)
70 Star (no Endless Stairs skip)
105 Star (all course stars, no secret stars)
120 Star (100%)


i agree with all of those categories

there's also 30 star but that's getting into the hyper-arbitrary category area


I don't know how popular this is, but I like doing races through games. We've done a few before. Here's an example from Mario 64. it's fun, might be an idea for a category


so when are the categories going to be added?