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The mods are just dumb
This is the real wr and anyone who denies this fakes their runs

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Idk man. I mean, This is the best run i ever seen in my entire life. better than Cheese05's one. Man, those mods are so dumb. this is just legendary

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  [user deleted]

Although I disagree with their decision, I must applaud them for their strong stance on the matter. For too long, gamers have tried to cheat the system and achieve recognition for scores they did not actually make. This is something I came across numerous times while serving as a Twin Galaxies referee. I have always maintained that stronger testing was needed for those trying to manipulate the system, perhaps even requiring live performances on more questionable scores. Simply put, even videotapes and Youtube videos are not enough in this technological age where it is becoming increasingly easy to cheat. While I do maintain that is wrong in my particular case, if the investigation into my score can serve as a catalyst to clean the database of questionable scores and facilitate methods to catch future cheaters, this is a positive thing. In my opinion, it will not stop cheaters from cheating. There is an inherent problem with the system all together; so long as human beings are involved with the input of the data, true scores will come across as false and and false scores will come across as true.

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this made me do a xd

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This can't be fake! Congrats on the wr man!

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Todd Rogers is a cheating idiot. He already has his dragster run removed from Twin Galaxies. This is fake.


What?!? Really?!? Everyone thought is was so real!!!!

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I dont know if i can believe it was fake. If it was fake this would be an absolute monstrosity. I stand by my words that this is a TOTALLY deserved Worlds Record Speed Run™


I don't know a whole lot about Todd Rogers and his history. But I saw a few videos of him where he only talks and just hearing how he communicates in a very evasive way or making up excuses on the spot makes him a really dishonest person.

And to be honest I get a similar vibe from Billy Mitchell.


Late reply but congrats on the WR Todd! You are a true gaming champion, looks like your legendary dragster skills carried over to SM64 😃


everyone who thinks this is fake is just another hater who can't handle that someone is better than them.


I hadn't thought about starting Mario out in 2nd gear. True innovation.

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i'm furious that this wasn't accepted. the amount of skill that went into this was insane. perhaps the mods could reconsider their decision and accept this as a legitimate run.


Why in the living Fudge wasnt this accepted, im kind of mad because of it


The only reason this wasn't accepted is because of how he started the timer late

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