how much time does english save in 70?
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how much time does english save in 70?
New York, USA

how much time does english save in 70?

New York, USA


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New Mexico, USA

"USA: Text boxes scroll faster. 15 star MIPS runs slower. Faster for 0 Star and 70 Star JP: Shorter intro. Less text overall. Small differences in a few stages. Faster for 1 Star, 16 Star, and 120 Star JP Shindou Version: Less lag. Longer loading times. BLJs patched out of game. Faster for a variety of single star runs, not to be used in RTA PAL: European/Australian Version of the game. Not suitable for speedrunning since the framerate is locked to 25fps

For RTA runs, the difference between USA and JP versions is minimal enough that it doesn't really matter what version you run on until you are at a top level.

Exact differences can be found in this spreadsheet: "

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New York, USA

btw 0 star is only faster on english if when doing sblj you activate the textbox since textboxes are faster on english. but if you go through the door without activating the textbox, it's faster in japanese.

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