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170 green Star speedrun
Collect 170 green stars as fast as possible
Timing starts when you select your character and ends when your green Star counter reaches 170 after finishing the level you collected them
It's like 124 moons speedrun in Odyssey but in Sm3dw

Edit: the idea didn't got accepted. Oof

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but whats the point. in smo you have to collect a certain number of moons in each kingdom which have a sum of 124. you must collect that number in each kingdom or you cant leave. in sm3dw, its not like you have to get this certain number of green stars in each world. smo's 124 moon is like if it was like say, bowsers fury, or sm64.


I proposed 170 green stars BC is the amount of green stars you need to get to beat the game in any%, so the point of the speedrun is don't beat the game, just get the fastest green stars as fast as possible in some levels... And this is just a idea for CE, not for the main leaderboard.