What’s the difference between Low% and Any%? You have to collect 50 shines to beat Bowser, that’s the minimum the Any% does

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you can beat it with 40 shines

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@rewarsdrewarsd you can beat Bowser's Fury with only 40 shines but without Amiibo its faster to collect 50 shines

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it's break every bowser block shine possible
i think so


no you need to weaken bowser bellow his 50% health

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didn't even know that lel


Low% beats the game with 40 shines instead of 50, as picking up a shine while Bowser is out damages Bowser, which if you do often enough, skips the 50 shine Bowser fight. Amiibo runs already do this by spawning Bowser as needed, but Low% No Amiibo does this by just waiting for Bowser spawning.