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Too often I see forums that I have no clue what they're talking about. This game is wired, I know, since it has two games in one. This makes it harder to discern which game you're talking about. The only reason this is a problem is because people like me who want to help people asking questions on forums or correct a mistake don't know which game the forum is about. This can cause some trouble for people who only know some of the mechanics behind one of the two games.

For general posts, like about vectoring which applies to both games, this isn't an issue. However, for specific games it makes it frustrating to go through all of the forums and only being able to help with half of the ones you look at. So please, make sure it's obvious which game you're talking about. One way to do this is to put 3DW: at the start of a forum about Super Mario 3D World and BF: at the start of a forum about Bowser's Fury.
Also, please make it clear what you are saying. This is less of a problem than the title, but it still is one. A forum called 'help' gives the reader absolutely no clue what the forum is about. Instead, use a title like 'BF: Help with Clawswipe Colloseum Upwarp.' This title is much more descriptive.
One last thing is to make sure you are descriptive. Don't just say "it isn't working' say 'I'm doing a ground pound jump and then a wall jump and holding y as boomerang mario' so that someone can say 'ok, I know exactly what your problem is.'

Check out my youtube, where I am doing Bowser's Fury. Currently I have two videos planned, so make sure to check regularly.

Final notes for the Moderators: Please make this forum sticky so that everyone will know how to make the forum page easier to use for everyone else. Thanks.

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also we need to cut down on a bunch of the posts made by people with a 3rd grade level of comprehension

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My rule of thumb is that if the question isn’t that huge just ask it on our discord, else it probably doesn’t need a whole forum thread


also, never post forums that are not needed. ex: New pb for me! or something like that.

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@EditedStorm27EditedStorm27 I would agree, but some people (like me) don't have access to discord so things like this and Reddit are all they've got. Plus Reddit doesn't have a Bowser's Fury Page so that's not really an option either. I get where you're coming from, though.


If discerning which game is being referenced is an issue, people may want to add a (SM3DW) or (BF) tag to the titles of their posts.


Prob wouldve been smarter if these 2 games had their own speedrun pages... Category extensions page could still be shared but these games are two different games just included in one package.

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ok thank you