Crouch Boosts and vectoring, it isn't really recommended for a first run, and crouch boosts are mostly only used for ILs

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Wrong, crouch boosts are used in RTA, they aren't as often as of now due to players needing to get used to them, but in the Wii U wr they are used.


vectoring is basically just moving diagonally in the air and it gains more speed and crouch boosting I'm not so sure on but I think it's just crouching for a few frames when you hit the ground or go over a ledge


[10:03] QRL Storm: My way of doing crouch jumps involves mapping one of the crouch buttons to X on the pro con. I then flick between X and B once I have enough speed and if timed right and done quick enough you should get a good crouch boost. It is important you only use one finger/thumb when doing this though else you will long jump by pressing both buttons at once. Hope this helps guys 😃

My way of doing them pasted from the discord server. People say that this method tends to work for them so good luck

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