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In the way the categories are structured the "Main" Category is Super Mario 3D World. But Bowsers Fury has WAY more runs and more unique interest. This should be changed. It would make more sense and it is how most leaderboards operate. Also its nicer to have the category most people care about be the main category. Motivates people to keep running it.


I already said this in the discord but I am going to say it again just so my say is here too.

The trailer, title, and game selection all imply that 3DW is the main game and BF is the side game, so with 3DW being on the front page, it would make more sense. The popularity that each game has received is irrelevant to the game's content. Also, most leaderboards operate through number of collectibles or order of missions, not popularity, and saying it would look nicer is quite subjective.

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My onion is that the BF should have its own page, because when I see that "superplayer has beaten the WR in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Super Mario 3D World", that's just nonsensical. Just like how Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected is split from XCDE.

But, this should've happened from the start, it's way too late now without SRDC staff help. So I agree with Cactus' vision wholeheartedly due to lack of my vision being doable.


well, I guess its not gonna change then


my man kkntucara doesnt even run the game, cmon bro ;////