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I think would be nice to have a discord of Super Mario 3D World.
Is not logic?
I only prupose


Ah okey, thank you so much!

I say that because there is no the "discord" part in the information of the game on
It is posible to add


There are active mods to do that?

Is not to be so annoying so spammer, but if we need more mods, I can be lol :v.
I am so active, I revise and discord all the days (in except of posible summer vacations or cristhmas, lol), and I like this game. I dont have problema, the only is that Im not so well speaking spanish, F :v


The game isn't being run actively, so the mods don't need to be active here either. As such, 5 mods is definitely enough, this game really doesn't need any more. If you really want to ask the mods to change or do something, go to our Discord and ask there.

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There are active mods, I have just added the discord tab.

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@Yandema211Yandema211 ey thank you so much!
And okey, I dont have any problem with the mods lol, I just mencioned, I am free :v